If the word fashion was not in your dictionary,

you are missing out on a whole bunch of possibilities.

Suits? Smart looks? that is good but not good enough.

In fact, that is old and so much outdated for guys living in the 21st century.

What we thrive for today are expressions with fashion.

Expressions in which we can describe ourselves without saying a word.

EL-O Tee

With the philosophy of maintaining and expressing dominant male ideologies,

our products are probably ‘hipster much’ and ‘artistic enough’.

Art in the form of shirts.


Don’t be.


Street art is the new art that certainly does not devalue what was out there and what has been there.

It is just a single step of transformation,

merging and mixing along with our minds of today.

Well today,

art is everywhere.

It’s even in your nails.

So why not shirts?

EL-O Tee

Our shirts can be looked upon as a form of art.

It’s up to you to decide the boundaries between a ‘cool shirt’ and an ‘artistic shirt’.

Take for example, one of our products named ‘The Thinker’.

The Thinker - Front

So many colors, yet so dull.

Can you feel it?

A man is working alone, drawing out his minds, and he is thinking.

What do you feel about the difference between the colors of a man’s reality (bottom of the shirt) and the man’s mind? (top of the shirt).

Does it not relate to the limits reality puts upon us?

EL-O Tee

Even if you were in the middle of the ocean,

your shirts will be delivered.

We promise you and introduce you to the new world of quality shirts,

in the form of ART.

Bring it.

Wear it.

Be it.

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