Den of iniquity or hipster heaven? The seaside town making an unlikely comeback –

If Alfred Leete was still around, Weston-super-Mare might have less of an image problem. During the First World War, the local artist’s most famous drawing – a certain finger-pointing Kitchener – proved tragically persuasive. Imagine what such skills could do for tourism?

Actually, it was Leete who had drawn me to the Somerset seaside. Weston Museum, following a major refurbishment, is currently hosting an exhibition of his work (until January 13, 2019).

It includes the original ‘Your Country Needs You’ artwork, on loan from the Imperial War Museum – the first time it’s been displayed in the artist’s hometown. I stared at Kitchener staring at me; to the side of his fulsome moustache were Leete’s…


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