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The fanny pack has attempted various enterprising rebrands over the years—as the “belt bag,” the “hip pack,” the mini bag that only comes with a strap to be tied around the waist. But outside of the realm of high-fashion street style, the super-nostalgic, oft-mocked accessory has never quite stuck. Sure, you could always come across one at Urban Outfitters or American Apparel, but when did you consider buying one unironically? Still, Alessandro Michele of Gucci and Alexander Wang persevered with the long game: Enough stylish riffs on the fanny pack would eventually make shoppers come around, right? It seems 2017 was the year they did.

Earlier this month eBay released a retrospective “cultural milestones” report, looking back on what products and trends really moved the needle on the marketplace last year. A big one was “throwback streetwear,” which the company describes as quintessential pieces from the eighties and nineties that are experiencing a renaissance among a new consumer—and the fanny pack was one of them. According to eBay, more than 57,000 fanny packs were purchased on the site in 2017. (Other notable pieces include Champion Sweatshirts, Adidas Superstars, Reebok Classics, and Nike Cortez.) This uptick coincides with designers ramping up their commitment to the fanny pack: Rihanna has incorporated them into her Fenty line for Puma, the cherry red Supreme x Louis Vuitton one was a hot commodity during Fashion Week in September, Proenza Schouler included a luxe version in the initial assortment for its lower-priced line. Brace yourselves, this might just be the time when you see fanny packs—or belt bags, however you’d like to call them—outside of the realm of street style.

If you’re unsure how to go (or even feel) about this trend, check out these 13 examples of what a fanny pack looks like in 2018. It’s a far cry from the original iteration, that’s for your.


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