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Just when you thought Melbourne reached peak hipster at the avocado latte, one pop-up café has entered unchartered territory with a $5 spoonful of Nutella.

A confectionery store by the name Spoonful of Sugar has sparked outrage with their latest line of pricy treats.

Melbourne has grown into Australia’s unrivaled hipster capital in recent years, but after welcoming the deconstructed smashed avocado and the Jafflechute (a toasted cheese sandwich attached to a parachute that’s dropped from a building), it appears that this new venture is a spoon too far.

Other flavours include ‘Blissful Banofee’ and ‘Playful PB & J’, all of which are set to be sold at a secret Melbourne location.

While it might not be the same as eating in a trendy pop-up cafe, a 750g jar of Nutella sells for roughly eight dollars at most major supermarket chains.

The Naughty Nutella spoon was not well received online. Source: Facebook
The location of the pop-up remains a secret at this point. Source: Facebook

“This is a joke. Why open a pop up that will get more people laughing at you than buying off you?” one of many furious social media users wrote in response to the advertisement.

“This isn’t cool. This is the biggest spoonful of s**t I’ve ever seen. $5,” another added.

“Who would actually pay for a tablespoon of Nutella? Regardless of how beautifully it’s presented, it’s still a tablespoon of Nutella,” another non-customer wrote.

There are doubts about the authenticity of the product but given Melbourne’s previous hipster ventures, it’s not hard to believe.

Even the avocado latte didn’t cop as much abuse as the Nutella spoon. Source: Twitter
The very Melbourne Jafflechute. Source: Twitter


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