Take a Journey Through the Dominican Indie Scene With This Playlist From Roxiny – Remezcla (blog)


After struggling to carve her own space in the music industry, Roxiny is finally ready to release her debut EP Rituals. The young singer is a Dominican-born New Yorker with a warrior’s spirit, whose hauntingly beautiful voice roars on her recent single “9 Months.”

An independent artist and activist, Roxiny is also a part of a flourishing diaspora of indie Dominican musicians. In the Santo Domingo and Dominican-York music world, there’s a wave of emerging artists whose sounds reimagine traditional Dominican rhythms or create something completely new with source material from different cultures and places. As one of the latest artists to join this growing community of up-and-comers, we tapped Roxiny to make a playlist detailing some of her favorite rising Dominican artists. The list includes singers like Maluca and Las Acevedo (aka Mula), who recently headlined New York’s Bodega Island Festival, the “biggest and dopest indie, merengue, alt, bachata, punk music festival in the world.”