The Home Front: Officials Vow To Protect A Rare Albino Deer –

ACROSS COLORADO – By The Colorado Independent. “A proposed deer harvesting program within Cañon City and adjacent areas of Fremont County would help with the deer overpopulation in the area, but it also would protect the rare albino deer living in the heart of the city,” reports The Cañon City Daily Record. “The Cañon City Council on Monday approved the first reading of an ordinance that would establish the program that will aim to manage the excessive deer population.”

“The city of Fruita will snuff out smoking in its public parks and open spaces, though councilors took a slow-burn route to reach that decision,” reports The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel. “The Fruita City Council voted 5-1 during their public meeting Tuesday night to ban smoking of any substance — which includes using vaporizers or electronic cigarettes — in any city-owned park, recreational facility or open space. While several councilors said they were in support of the ban for myriad reasons, they also acknowledged discomfort with taking away a person’s right to smoke in public.”

“As home prices have continued to rise, it has become tougher and tougher for first-time buyers to purchase homes, especially in Durango. Average wages in La Plata County kept pace with home prices fairly well until 2017, when home prices really started to climb out of reach, said Roger Zalneraitis, executive director of the La Plata County Economic Development Alliance,” reports The Durango Herald. “For example, in February 2016, a homeowner would need to earn about $61,000 annually to qualify to buy a $397,585 home, which was the average home price at the time across most of La Plata County, according to data compiled by the alliance. The annual income required was calculated based on buyers putting 20 percent down on a home and paying 28 percent of their income toward their mortgage.”

“Ever heard of ‘Denverization’? In Kansas City, Mo., it’s a 13-letter word for gentrification, and it doesn’t come with Mile High City perks such as plentiful sunshine and nearby ski slopes,” reports The Denver Post. “The Kansas City Star published an editorial last week under the headline ‘Stop the Denverization of Kansas City. Troost doesn’t need to be hipster-friendly.’ The editorial decries city policy that has allowed for new money and development to pour into the city’s East Side without any giveback from builders or protection for low-income residents now being priced out of their once-overlooked, minority neighborhoods.”

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